“So what’s the secret to gorgeous, glowing skin then?” Honestly? There is no secret! The main thing you need to make sure of is that whatever you’re putting on your skin is assisted and supported by what you’re putting ‘in’ your skin.

If it’s a beautifully fresh complexion you’re after, before you even think about splashing the cash on expensive face creams or shedding out copious amounts on skin care rituals, it’s essential that you’ve got your beauty regime sorted from within. Gorgeous, glowing skin can be yours just by ensuring some basic tips.

If you really want to rock sexy, glowing skin then there’s one basic but essential fundamental that absolutely needs to be part of your beauty regime. So please repeat the following mantra after me! ”De L’eau De L’eau De L’eau,” sound sexy? Ok, so maybe I’m trying to sex it up – in reality all you need to know is that fluid in any decaffeinated-alcohol-and-sugar-fizz-free form is the way forward. Loving the skin you’re in means nourishing and treating it well, and it is essential to start from the inside. That in a nutshell means making sure you put in your body the fluid it needs in order to replenish, rehydrate and rejuvenate. Most people don’t drink anywhere near enough what they or their skin need. Not drinking sufficient amounts is the quickest way to a wide range of problems and spells disaster for your skin. The ‘L’eau down’: for most people, 2 litres a day is sufficient, so in easy terms that’s 4 of your 500ml bottles of water or 2 x 750ml bottles of water, plus some other drinks thrown in for good measure, or other tasty hydrating fluids…

Other Tasty Hydrating Options:

  • Herbal Teas – can soothe your soul whilst hydrating your skin, my personal favourite is liquorice!
  • Fruit Teas – there is such an array of amazing and tasty fruit teas.
  • Green Tea - contains anti-inflammatory properties that not only protect but also benefit the skin. Try to drink one to two cups a day.
  • Water with a Twist – jazz up your water by adding a slice of lemon, lime or orange (I like mine with slices of strawberries and berries to make a gorgeous looking, hydrating skin cocktail!). if you really can’t deal with water on it’s own then go for a no added sugar cordial to get that fluid in.
  • Freshly Squeezed Juice – and get one of your 5 a day at the same time.
  • Fresh Home Made Soups - great for lunch but you’ll also get fluids in there too!
  • Milk – not only calci-yummie, it’s great for fluid and has amazing properties for your teeth and bones too!

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