Party season is just around the corner, so make sure your body is fighting fit and ready for the onslaught of late nights, rich food and – let's be frank – plenty of booze, with our ultimate pre-tox guide. 

From prepping your liver to boosting your metabolism (more mince pies, please), we asked top nutritionists and fitness experts for the low-down on staying healthy all the way ‘til New Year’s Eve. 

1. Up the ante

“To boost your metabolism ahead of the party season, try high-intensity training (HIIT). It raises your metabolic rate for 48 hours afterwards, so you should aim to do it every other day. HIIT training also works as a detoxifier, helping lymph fluid circulate around the body, which removes toxins and their harmful material. On top of this, it will really make you sweat, eliminating toxins you've gained.” Svava Sigbertsdottir, founder of The Viking Method

2. Try a new class

“Start doing Power Plate or vibration training classes in preparation for the party season. There’s no workout more effective in terms of reducing cellulite, easing fluid retention and flushing out toxins, while it also helps shake up your lymphatic system and enhances your metabolism to boot.” Claire Finlay, founder of Transition Zone

3. Cut out sugar

“In anticipation of the festive period, reduce your sugar consumption. There are no nutritional benefits to sugar and it won't do anything to boost or support your liver. Check food labels carefully and, in particular, avoid anything labelled 'fat free', as these foods are often loaded with sugar, and actually increase triglyceride (a type of fat) in the blood.” Hala El Shafie, Consultant Nutritionist at Nutrition Rocks

4. Eat your greens

It sounds obvious, but when you've been boozing the night before it's easy to reach for the crisps rather than the kale. "Boost your immune system by increasing your fresh vegetable intake. As well as upping the amount of vital vitamins and minerals in your body, this will keep your skin looking radiant during the festive nights out ahead.” Hala El Shafie

5. Take care of your skin

“Body brushing is a great way to get your circulation flowing while boosting your body’s detox system. It will stimulate your lymph nodes and help remove toxins from the body.” Hala El Shafie

6. Rest up

“It's essential to catch upon lots of sleep pre-party season, as a tired and exhausted system will find it so much harder to deal with alcohol. Your liver will be much less efficient at dealing with booze if it’s had little time to rest and recover beforehand. Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep per night.” Hala El Shafie

7. Avoid coffee

“Caffeine puts additional strain on the liver, making it work over time, so gradually reducing your intake in the run up to the party season will be a huge plus, resulting in better recovery time. If you simply can't give up coffee, only have it in the early morning, stopping mid-afternoon at the latest.” Hala El Shafie

8. Take vitamin C

“The party season is no fun for your liver but one supplement which helps it to detoxify is vitamin C. Try taking one gram before you go out and another when you get home – your liver will thank you.” Petronella Ravenshear, Expert Nutritionist

9. Eat for your liver

“Help your liver by upping your intake of artichokes, beetroot, onions and garlic. The fibre in these foods will also help cleanse your gut.”Petronella Ravenshear

10. Boost your gut

“One of the best things you can do for your body is to load up on foods which contain gut-healthy bacteria. Try having bananas, garlic, asparagus and onions. These foods are probiotic and will help to crowd out the bad bacteria in your gut, preparing you for the weeks to come.” Julie Montagu, founder of The Flexi Foodie 

11. Consider a cleanse

“Consider combatting the calorie overload ahead with a short juice cleanse, or simply work to eradicate some of the unhealthier aspects of your diet. This will help you feel at your best when the festive period begins.” Julie Montagu

12. Have a healthy cocktail

“Help flush out your system by drinking half a litre of water with half a lemon, one centimetre of ginger, a clove of garlic and one tablespoon of olive oil every morning. To really boost the gut-cleansing effects, try adding a pinch of cayenne pepper, too.” Peter Cox, Clinical Nutritionist at OMNIYA Kensington

13. Add herbs

“Bitter herbs are rich in detoxifying alkaloids so try incorporating a spoon of parsley, thyme or rosemary into your meals. Other potent options include coriander and dandelion leaves.” Peter Cox

14. Take milk thistle

“Start taking a capsule of milk thistle before bed to aid your body’s overnight detoxification process.” Peter Cox